Astroturf Challenge continues!

As Lockdown 2.0 has now ended and we are in the tough tier system we are pleased to be able to restart our racing @ TORCH. This Sunday 6th December is now R2 of the Astroturf Challenge which will be dropped down to 7 races in total so 4 out of 7 will count towards the championship. We will also be running our usual Morning meetings every Sunday.

We still need to continue to make sure that we are COVID secure and compliant so booking in @ and prepay entries via PayPal gift is essential. We have screens in place on the rostrum so can have 8 car heats to help with marshalling as well as the one-way systems in place. Please adhere to the tier systems, check in using the BRCA and NHS Track and Trace systems as soon as you get trackside, make sure that you socially distance on-site, wear a face mask throughout the day (visitors as well) and supply the rest of your own PPE in the form of gloves and high visibility vest whilst marshalling.

Really looking forward to seeing you all soon safely trackside!

Getting back to normal

Subject to announcements regarding tiers on 2nd December and from BRCA via MSA,
The TORCH Committee have updated the calendar all the way through to March 2021 and have updated the booking in system (which is open) on the website to get back to racing. The next event, Winter Astroturf Challenge R2, will be on Sunday 6th December.

We are operating the booking in the same way as before this Lockdown 2.0 and that will be to prepay entries using PayPal (Friends & Family please!). Numbers are restricted to 32 max to enable social distancing in the pit area.
We now have clear screens on the rostrum which allows 8 drivers per heat so should improve marshalling on the track. and as before we will have a one way system in place as well as face masks must be worn at all times.

Heats will be available on the day via wifi via the address and live results via .

We are seeing what we can do regards the Festive Fun meeting on December 27th and we hope that we can announce details of this soon.

Lockdown 2.0

We have left our calendar up but as you all know we are in Lockdown 2.0 at the moment until December 2nd. We will then look to see what the Government announce and then look to what the BRCA say before announcing what we do next. Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you all track side soon!

TORCH Winter Astroturf Challenge 2020/21

Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic we will be unable to bring you our normal indoor series so we have been doing a lot of hard work on our outdoor track and it now drains really well so this Winter we are doing an Astroturf Challenge, see the flyer below for more details:-

All dates are now available in our events calendar, click here to view and you can use the online booking in system again but all entries must be pre-paid within 24 hours via PayPal to

TORCH Track Maintenance 5th September

We need to get the following jobs done before he school goes back to make sure that the area is nice and tidy so are scheduling in a maintenance day for Saturday 5th September. If as many can help out then we can complete the work quickly.


Use use remaining hardcore in pit area.

Strim down grass and add as much astro either side of path

Paint fence

Run power and datatype rostrum

Run power to toilets

Dig trench for water pipe.

Fix wifi router in rostrum roof in water proof box.

TORCH Events for the rest of August 2020

TORCH are please to announce the following events during August which will hopefully give everyone a change to either practice or race.

We encourage you to read the following BRCA documents

Please see the calendar below for events and how to enter

Sat 8th AugustTORCH Track Maintenance 08:00 – 17:00
Sun 9th AugustTORCH Track Maintenance 08:00 – 11:30
Sun 9th AugustTORCH Afternoon race 12:00 – 18:00 £10 U16/Student £6 Max 30
Sun 16th AugustTORCH Morning Race 08:00 – 13:00 £10 U16/Student £6 Max 30
Sun 23rd AugustTORCH All day race 08:00 – 16:00 £12 U16/Student £8 Max 30
Sun 30th AugustTORCH Practice 10:00 – 16:00 £15 U16/Student Max 20
Mon 31st AugustTORCH Reedy Race 08:00 – 16:00 £12 U16/Student £8 Max 35
All entries are pre book only due to current regulations
E-mail requesting an entry to any of these events as they are pre book only
PayPal your entry fee to the same address within 24hours to confirm

TORCH Events 4 week plan

As the lockdown rules are now relaxing we are pleased to announce a 4 week plan of events which will hopefully give everyone a change to either practice or race.

We encourage you to read the following BRCA documents

Please see the calendar below for events and how to enter

Sun 12th JulyTORCH All Day Race 08:00 – 16:00 £12 Max 20
Sat 18th JulyTORCH Practice 10:00 – 16:00 £15 Max 20
Sun 19th JulyTORCH Track Maintenance 08:00 – 11:30
Sun 19th JulyTORCH Afternoon Race 12:00 – 18:00 £10 Max 30
Sun 26th JulyTORCH Morning race 08:00 – 13:00 £10 Max 20
Sat 1st AugustTORCH Practice 12:00 – 18:00 £15 Max 20
Sun 2nd AugustTORCH All Day Race 08:00 – 16:00 £12 Max 30
All entries are pre book only due to current regulations
E-mail requesting an entry to any of these events as they are pre book only
PayPal your entry fee to the same address within 24hours to confirm

Opening for practice terms and conditions

We are pleased to announce that, in line with the recent relaxing of the lockdown rules and the guidance from the BRCA as well as Swanmore College, we are opening the TORCH track for practice at weekends starting 13th and 14th June.

Firstly, current TORCH members have had their memberships extended through to 2021
Please note there will be no financial benefits for members through 2020
Those benefits are back up in January 2021.  
There is no need to be a member of TORCH to book practice sessions.
You do need to be a BRCA member.

We will be opening the track on Saturdays and Sundays with two 4 hour slots
Slot 1 = Morning (8:30-12:30)
Slot 2 = Afternoon (1.0pm-5.0pm)

  • Maximum limit of 5 entries for each slot.
  • The 6th person is always a committee member, in charge of race control.
  • Slots will be available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Request slots (booking in) via email to:
  • Payment of £20 via PayPal (Friends and Family payment – gift) to:
    Payment has to be made within 24 hours of the club allocating you a spot and please note, it is not refundable. No payment, no slot. No Exceptions.
  • These are timed computer practice sessions. The system will be announcing your lap times. Wi-Fi results will also be available as well as a screen to be viewed.
  • A short attendance briefing at the start of each session
  • ONLY the committee member on site is allowed in race control – No exceptions.
  • Pitting in the field ONLY if weather conditions allow.  You will be directed otherwise.
  • Non drivers like Mechanics and Parents/Guardians etc, please contact for additional information referencing attendance.
  • Social distancing rules of 2m apart apply at ALL TIMES in EVERY AREA.
  • Please refrain from working on other cars other than your own.
  • No marshals – marshal your own car.
  • There is a marked one-way system at the track so please observe and adhere.
  • PPE and hygiene:-
    We highly recommend the use of gloves/masks around the track and rostrum areas.
    We believe many will be safer and feel safer this way.
    Masks to be worn on the rostrum please.
  • Sanitise regularly, entering and exiting the track.
  • Our wish as a club is to allow many different people to get out on track, so we will control the usage of the same people taking slots week after week.

BRCA COVID-19 Update

To: All BRCA Members


Dear Racer

While we are no nearer knowing when we’ll be able to re-start our sport we are at least now able to make some plans of how we envisage being able to do so.

It is evident that all Sport in the UK will not all be able to start in the same way or, probably, at the same time. Large sporting events with significant spectator numbers are simply unlikely to happen in the near future, but – for example – local sporting activities where it’s only the participants may well be possible within a reasonable timeframe.

So we are taking the opportunity to let you know what we believe may be possible:-

We envisage that it’s likely that only local sporting events will be possible in the first instance and probably then for ‘participant only’ activities (i.e. your local leisure centres will be allowed to re-open for small groups to play football, basketball etc.) When this happens we believe we should be able to do the same – open local clubs for local people.

It’s quite possible (indeed probable) that reality will deviate from the above – it may be ‘outdoors only’ for example – but we are lead to believe that this is at least the current intention;- even if, at the moment, we don’t know ‘when’.
Be Assured that as soon as we know – You’ll Know.

So What can you do Now?

Get Ready to; – Support Your Local Club.

We know that a fair proportion of us race a ‘specialised’ class, we jump in the car at the weekend and travel to race at the other end of the country as that’s where ‘our’ class is that weekend.

Well that may not be possible, desirable or simply not something you’d be comfortable doing.

So spend some time and find out more about the Local racing scene – What can I go and race near to me?

Can I race what I have (& ask the question if not sure)? Can I dust something down out of the loft? Can I get on Ebay/Facebook (or similar) and Help a fellow racer out who’s selling something? Or can I support our UK RC Trade and buy something so I can race at the Local Club?

If you already race at your local club (or have just found it!) then ensure the people running it know how to get in touch with you – when we’re able to re-start you’d not want to miss the first meeting back..

If there literally isn’t a local club – then get on the web and find out if there’s other local people interested and, when we can, start one..

Stopping our Sport was actually and very unfortunately the Easy bit, we’re now all hoping that sometime in the not too distant future we have the Hard bit to do of re-starting it, take the time Now to make sure you’re ready for when we can.


Chris Jeffery

BRCA Secretary