Respect other drivers and cars on the track.
Overtake in a safe place. Do not ram other cars off the track.
If you are being lapped make a way through, do not block.
If you cut the track accidentally and gain an advantage, wait long enough so you do NOT gain from it.

No swearing or abuse on the rostrum to anyone.
Do not rev your motor if you have crashed and need marshalling.
If you miss the timing loop you must continue around the track. DO NOT turn around to get back to the loop.

Do not leave the rostrum until all cars have finished. If you break your car or just stop for any reason you still must not leave the rostrum until the race is over. Just stand at the rear.


Focus on your area, try not to follow the race.
Get to cars as quick as possible, but safely.
Put the cars back on the track making sure you do not put them in the path of others.
If car stops on main straight or any at other area at high risk of being hit by another car, alert drivers by shouting “car on the straight”, then tell the drivers when it is clear.
Do not obscure other drivers view.
A marshal can try and repair a car, but marshalling takes priority.
High visibility vest must be worn when marshalling.
Do not leave the marshal point until all cars have finished.
Be extra careful if track is wet.


Maximum length – 460mm inc bumpers
Maximum Width – 250mm at any point of suspension travel in a vertical plane.
Minimum weight – 1474 grams for 2WD and 1588 grams 4WD ready to race including Personal Transponders (PTs), but excludes large club hand out transponders.
To be eligible to compete in a 4WD race with a 2WD the car must run at minimum 1588 grams.