Titchfield Off Road Club Hants – Info

  • Tier 4 Lockdown - We are now under Tier 4 lockdown until further notice so all events are now cancelled.
  • Astroturf Challenge continues! - As Lockdown 2.0 has now ended and we are in the tough tier system we are pleased to be able to restart our racing @ TORCH. This Sunday 6th December is now R2 of the Astroturf Challenge which will be dropped down to 7 races in total so 4 out of 7 will count towards … Continue reading "Astroturf Challenge continues!"
  • Getting back to normal - Subject to announcements regarding tiers on 2nd December and from BRCA via MSA, The TORCH Committee have updated the calendar all the way through to March 2021 and have updated the booking in system (which is open) on the website to get back to racing. The next event, Winter Astroturf Challenge R2, will be on … Continue reading "Getting back to normal"
  • Lockdown 2.0 - We have left our calendar up but as you all know we are in Lockdown 2.0 at the moment until December 2nd. We will then look to see what the Government announce and then look to what the BRCA say before announcing what we do next. Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you all … Continue reading "Lockdown 2.0"
  • TORCH Winter Astroturf Challenge 2020/21 - Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic we will be unable to bring you our normal indoor series so we have been doing a lot of hard work on our outdoor track and it now drains really well so this Winter we are doing an Astroturf Challenge, see the flyer below for more details:- All dates are … Continue reading "TORCH Winter Astroturf Challenge 2020/21"