How to book in online

TORCH now have an online booking in system which will help the club organise a meeting so that we can run organised practice at our all day events.

We now operate our events as pay on entry. 

If you have already used the booking in system then you will need to login. If you have never used the booking in system then you will need to register for the first time.

You can click on any event in the events section on the lower right hand of the home screen or view the race calendar:-

You will then see the event details including the price of a ticket on the right:-


and if you are logged in then you will be able to see how many tickets in each class that we have for this current event:-


If you are a member, silver member or gold member then for each ticket class then you will see that the price has changed. If you are a Junior then the ticket price will be adjusted in the checkout process later on.

You can now add one ticket per class to your shopping basket and then click the “Get Tickets” button which will bring you to this screen:-

You should notice that at the end of the product name will be the type of membership that you have and that the price will have changed accordingly.

If this does not happen then please contact a member of the committee before you proceed to checkout!

Click on the “Proceed to checkout” button

This screen will autofill with the details that you entered when you registered with the website. If you are a Junior then make sure that one of the Junior options is selected under the Age Group section. Please make sure that your details are correct on this screen as it helps Race Control when organising a meeting. Click on “Save & Checkout” and it will take you to Your Order where you fill in your billing address details and then can review your order towards the bottom of the screen as shown below:-

The “Your Order” section now should have the correct price depending upon your membership level. If it does not then please contact a committee member or TORCH so that we can get this corrected.

If the order is greater than £0 then a payment option buttons will be shown and your entry will only be valid once payment has been successful. If your order is £0 then just click on the “Place order” button.

You can then head over to the view drivers page and select the event and click “Show Drivers” to see your entries and who else has booked in. At the top of the page it will tell you how many entries that you have and a link to  “Click here to view or manage your entries” where you can change your attendee details.

If you need to cancel your entry then you will need to contact a committee member and inform them of your details and the event entered so that we can cancel your ticket as well as arrange a refund if the cancellation is greater than 24 hours prior to the event.


  1. No refunds will be given unless you have cancelled your entry or let us know that you are unable to attend within 24 hours of the event that you have entered. Exceptional circumstances shall be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.
  2. Members can only purchase ticket for other members who have the same membership level as themselves. The attendee fields for the tickets need to be altered with the details of the person you are getting the tickets on behalf of as they will be auto filled with your details. Parents are able to purchase tickets for Juniors but if they will have to make a separate order if they are racing themselves, and then another order for each Junior member thereafter.