We race almost every Sunday of the year weather permitting. Race meetings are usually one of 4 types and are listed on our race calendar:

Sunday morning club meetings – these are relaxed morning meetings at which everyone is welcome. Due to covid you need to pre-book. Generally drivers arrive from around 8.00am and racing finishes around 1.00pm. We aim to run at least 5 qualifying runs and 1 final for everyone depending on numbers. There is free practice before the meeting from around 8.00am until 9.15am.

Winter/Summer Series – these are all day events consisting usually of 5 rounds in each series, around once a month. Due to covid you need to pre-book and again everyone is very welcome. Generally drivers arrive from around 8.00am for free practice until around 9.15am. Summer series usually consist of 4 qualifying runs and 3 finals for all whilst Winter series are usually 4 qualifying runs and 1 final due to shorter daylight hours. Points are awarded towards a championship and trophies awarded to the top three in each class. Dates for these series are announced on our website a couple of months before the series start.

BRCA Regional/National events – these are all day events which are part of Regional and National championships which the club has begun hosting rounds of in the last couple of years. These are pre-booking-in only and entries cannot be made through the club. Regional events are on a first-come, first served entry system and normally there is enough space for everyone to race that applies. Dates and booking information for these are usually announced in January of each year on our website. For National events, preference is given to higher ‘F’ grade drivers and those attending more than one round and can be oversubscribed. All booking and information for these is available through the BRCA website.

We sometimes hold one-off events such as the very popular (and fun!) Easter Reed Race, which we have held for the last couple of years. Details for these vary but are usually full day events open to all with pre-booking on a first come, first served basis.