TORCH Track move

After the August 11th 2019 the outdoor track will be dismantled in preparation to be moved to our new home. The club after this date will no longer have any income until we start the TORCH Winter Indoor Series 2019 – 2020.

This will take a lot of hard work as well as money to move the track.

The following needs to be done at the current track:-

  • Remove nails from astroturf
  • Remove screws from jumps
  • Remove all piping and jumps
  • Remove any cabling (speakers, loop, electric)
  • Unscrew all wood from fence
  • Saw fence posts from base
  • Place all piping, jumps and fencing on pallets
  • Tidy inside container, race control and toilets
  • Roll astroturf from container end towards toilets
  • Take down rostrum (may require cutting)
  • Transport container, race control, toilets, astroturf, fence, jumps, pipe

The above work needs to be carried out prior to the 24th August which will be when the track will be transported to its new home.

At the new home of the track the following has to be done prior to the 24th August:-

  • Indicate fence line with spray paint
  • Kill off any grass with weed killer (sprayer supplied)
  • Put type 1 mot hardcore down inside fence line and roller to 40mm depth
  • Dig trenches for cabling to and from race control (speakers, loop, electric)
  • Dig trench for waste for toilets

Then when the track has been transported and delivered to the new home the following will need to be done:-

  • Cover hardcore in fleece prior to laying astroturf
  • Laying astroturf (many people are required to do this as it is very heavy)
  • Install fence posts and fence
  • Get preferred contractor (by school) to connect electric to container, race control and toilets.
  • Dig mounting holes for rostrum
  • Concrete in rostrum footings
  • Rebuild rostrum (welding required)

There is much to do and you can help either by donating funds via our Just Giving page TORCH Club Move or by giving your time and helping with the jobs listed. Contacts us via our Facebook page and let us know if you can help.