TORCH Track move update

So far we have some of the astroturf rolled up and have removed 3/4 of the inside fencing. Here is what needs to happen next:-

  • Remove nails from astroturf in front of rostrum and raised corned
  • Roll remaining astroturf (requires 3 people or more)
  • Dismantle raised corner
  • Remove last 1/4 of inner fence and then remove outer fence by ditch.
  • Place decking onto palettes ready for transporting 
  • Saw off all fence posts at the base
  • Remove rostrum roof (requires 3 people or more)
  • Remove stairs from rostrum (requires 3 people or more)

At the new home we need to do the following before the 24th August if possible:-

  • Dig footing holes and fill with concrete for rostrum (requires 3 people or more)
  • Dig trenches for electric, track drainage and waste for toilets
  • Put type 1 mot hardcore over area of track and roller to level to 40/50mm deep

If you can help then let us know you are coming to our track maintenance events via Facebook or you can help us financially via our TORCH Club Move Just Giving page.