Happy Monday!

Already missing your racing fix?

Let us tempt you with:-

A dry, warm indoor venue with power and a small selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks with

2 rounds of timed practice in heat order
4 rounds of qualifying
3 leg finals for all


Just one week to get through before the TORCH Winter Indoor Series 2019/2020 starts.

Get booked in @…/catego…/winter-indoor-2019-2020/ and avoid paying an extra £1 on the day.

Race entries

Note: If you have not seen it already we are now going to charge an extra £1 on the race entry fee if you have not pre booked on one of our all day events. This is to encourage the use of the booking in system as it then allows us to maximise our time racing rather than managing the computer in the morning.

What is currently happening this weekend?

Even though the weather is not looking good we are still going to the track this weekend to continue the following jobs:-

  • Continue installing the fence
  • Nailing down all edged of astroturf
  • Finishing the bolting on the rostrum
  • Repairing jumps

We will be at the site from 9am Saturday, if you can help it will be much appreciated as the quicker we get this done the sooner we can start using the track again.

Coming to a TORCH meeting? Want to maximise your time racing?

If you are coming to a TORCH meeting and want the maximum time available to race then you can pre book for most events. If you have not already done so click here to register your details.

If you have already registered then click here to login

Once you have logged in you will now be able to view any events on the calendar and if there are tickets available you will be able to specify the number of entries that you require. Below is an example:-

Any box with a red star is required. Just make sure all the details are correct all the way down the page and then click on the CONFIRM ENTRY button.

Now you can click here to view all entries to the event. On the day come to race control and pay the race fees, by doing this we will spend less time entering details onto the computer and arranging heats as we can do this prior to the day thus maximising time for what we all want, RACING!

Outdoor track building 14-15 September

Big push this weekend on building the outdoor track. We need as many people as possible armed with lawn mowers, strimmers, hammers, extension leads and elbow grease as we are looking to start laying down some astroturf as well as putting up fencing.

New home of outdoor track update

All of the parts of the old outdoor track have now been moved to the new home @ Swanmore Leisure and we are so grateful for your donations so far via our JustGiving which has really helped with the costs of transporting the track to Swanmore.

Over the last two weeks we have been busy and the rostrum has been stood up and has now been welded back up after being cut up for the move and the roof has been reinstalled. Some modifications have been done to the rostrum as the ground is slightly different. The metal work has been painted green but some of the modifications still need to be painted once we have got some more paint.

This week the track area is being scraped, covered in hardcore and lightly levelled so that we should be in a position to start laying fleece and then astroturf as well as building a perimeter fence around the track this weekend 14th and 15th September.

We still have a long way to go and many other jobs still left to do and will be at the track most weekends until it is ready to race again.

If you can help out ask to be added to the TORCH @ Swanmore “help” What’s App group or keep an eye out for events via the website and on the Facebook TORCH page posts and events. Even if you can help out just for 1 hour it makes a difference.

We are looking forward to be able to offer Sunday half day racing again as soon as possible and keep a lookout for a future post regarding this.

As we are towards the end of the summer and heading to winter our TORCH Winter Indoor series 2019 – 2020 will soon be starting and you can click here to view the calendar and book in for this series.

If you have not donated so far head over to our JustGiving page. Please consider doing this as it will enable us to make our track so much better.