Coming out of lockdown

Now that we have information from the Government as well as the BRCA the committee have been busy in the background organising so that we can get back to what we all enjoy.

We have now updated the website with the current maintenance days as well as having some practice days for April 2nd and 3rd as well as a Welcome back race on April 4th.

We will be operating in the same way as before so use the booking in system which is explained on the TORCH website @ and this is open now.

Here at TORCH we are enthusiastic about 1/10th Electric scale off-road racing. Primarily this has been 2wd and 4wd classes but as we exit lockdown we would like to be introduce truck and vintage classes as well as an open heat which is open to run what you have.

As with all classes we really need a minimum number of 5 entries so that a heat can be marshalled properly.

The club has also invested (in fact we did this back in Nov 2019 when we moved to Swanmore but the pandemic has put a spanner in the works!) in some Serpent 2wd buggies that will be available for hire by people that are interested but have never tried model car racing before so that they can experience our exciting hobby.