BRCA COVID-19 Update

To: All BRCA Members


Dear Racer

While we are no nearer knowing when we’ll be able to re-start our sport we are at least now able to make some plans of how we envisage being able to do so.

It is evident that all Sport in the UK will not all be able to start in the same way or, probably, at the same time. Large sporting events with significant spectator numbers are simply unlikely to happen in the near future, but – for example – local sporting activities where it’s only the participants may well be possible within a reasonable timeframe.

So we are taking the opportunity to let you know what we believe may be possible:-

We envisage that it’s likely that only local sporting events will be possible in the first instance and probably then for ‘participant only’ activities (i.e. your local leisure centres will be allowed to re-open for small groups to play football, basketball etc.) When this happens we believe we should be able to do the same – open local clubs for local people.

It’s quite possible (indeed probable) that reality will deviate from the above – it may be ‘outdoors only’ for example – but we are lead to believe that this is at least the current intention;- even if, at the moment, we don’t know ‘when’.
Be Assured that as soon as we know – You’ll Know.

So What can you do Now?

Get Ready to; – Support Your Local Club.

We know that a fair proportion of us race a ‘specialised’ class, we jump in the car at the weekend and travel to race at the other end of the country as that’s where ‘our’ class is that weekend.

Well that may not be possible, desirable or simply not something you’d be comfortable doing.

So spend some time and find out more about the Local racing scene – What can I go and race near to me?

Can I race what I have (& ask the question if not sure)? Can I dust something down out of the loft? Can I get on Ebay/Facebook (or similar) and Help a fellow racer out who’s selling something? Or can I support our UK RC Trade and buy something so I can race at the Local Club?

If you already race at your local club (or have just found it!) then ensure the people running it know how to get in touch with you – when we’re able to re-start you’d not want to miss the first meeting back..

If there literally isn’t a local club – then get on the web and find out if there’s other local people interested and, when we can, start one..

Stopping our Sport was actually and very unfortunately the Easy bit, we’re now all hoping that sometime in the not too distant future we have the Hard bit to do of re-starting it, take the time Now to make sure you’re ready for when we can.


Chris Jeffery

BRCA Secretary